Hydraulic Fittings

PBR carries the Manuli hydraulic crimp fitting range of products.

/_uploads/images/fittings.jpgThe Manuli range of prducts have industry leading corrosion resistance due to zinc plating treatment and are machined from steel stock. Fitting styles include various flare angles, O-ring Face Seal, NPTF pipe, adapter union, and four-bolt flange tube fittings.

Our crimp fittings include:

Multifit Type (MF):
Manuli's high-tech solution for wire spiral and braid hoses.

Interlock Plus Type (ILP): This solution guarantees maximum reliability for very high pressure wire spiral hoses in heavy-duty applications.

Xtralock Type (XL): The fittings concept designed for ultra high-pressure hydraulic power lines and water blasting applications.

Blastblock Type (BL): Fittings suggested for water-blasting applications.

Push Lock Type (PL): The insert solution for low pressure applications without the need for swaged ferrule.

Easy Fit: The threadless termination end fittings with plug-in connection for an easy installation in restricted spaces.

Precrimped Type (MF 3000): The fittings range with pre-crimped ferrules, corresponding to the US standard requirements.

To view PBR's complete selection of Manuli Fitting products visit our catalogue page or contact a PBR specialist today.