Motors and Pumps

PBR carries a large stock of Salami motors and pumps. High powered and compactly designed, Salami motors and pumps lend themselves to a wide array of potential applications.

/_uploads/images/motors.jpg The Salami motor and pump product ranges boast:
  • Aluminium alloy or cast iron bodies, flanges and rear covers
  • Exceptional noise level reduction
  • Standard nitrile seals with viton seals used in high temperature applications
  • High volumetric efficiencies
  • Available in European, German, and SAE standards
  • Displacements from 5.97 to 44.2 cm3/rev (0.36 to 2.69 cu. in./rev)
  • Working pressures from 170 to 250 bar (2465 to 3600 psi)
  • Peak pressures from 210 to 300 bar (3000 to 4300 psi)
  • Maximum speeds of 2500 to 3000 rpm
  • Minimum speeds of 400 to 600 rpm

See our catalogue section to review our full Salami motor and pump product lines or contact a PBR specialist today.